Topographical Geochron

This is our first new clock in 50 years: the Geochron Topographical! Instead of a geopolitical projection, this is the Earth as it actually is: a view from space, and adding the subtler contours of major ridges beneath the oceans. It's designed by the same cartographers who work on National Geographic maps.

The Topographical map is available for ordering in all stainless, wood veneer, and aluminium anodised clocks.

The Geochron Topographical map's resolution and luminescence is far better than any inkjet printer or digital monitor... pictures do not do this justice! Our geopolitical map is all about the human boundaries we make, but the topographical is true to nature: the Earth with forests, deserts, plains, and water... lots of water.

Our new topographical map can be applied (rather than the usual political map) to all of our models, apart of the Original Kilburg - Free of charge!