Service And Support

 Occasionally the Geochron World Clock will need a new light bulb, the glass gets cracked, the map is out of date or after 10 years or so, the entire unit may need a refurbishment. All of these instances are a fairly easy fix.
New lighting components, a new up-to-date map, or even instructions on how to send your clock back are available by emailing

Some self-service can seem easy, and in several cases it is. For example, the lighting fixture is designed so it can easily be taken out of the unit. The process of changing a map can be done at home, but it isn’t recommended.
Over the course of a Geochron’s life, you may want to switch from a surface mounting on the wall to a flush mounting in your office. The instructions for setting your Geochron may have been lost or you need to replace the bulbs but can’t remember the procedure. These documents are easily downloadable below:
The fluorescent tubes, starters and ballasts used in its internal illumination are accessible and replaceable without dismantling the unit. For easy replacement of the tubes, starters, and ballasts, each set is incorporated in a drawer assembly which can be pulled out from the underside of the Geochron, to provide access to these parts.
There are many instances when the Geochron will just need simple user adjustment if the clock has lost time due to many various reasons.